Liquid fertilizer contains all substances in soluble form, presented in vermicompost. Vermicompost effect is still associated with micro-flora, which is excreted from the surface of the worm body and symbiotic microorganisms that exist in the intestine of the worm. Extract GROWO is a comprehensive, organic fertilizer that does not require the use of any additional fertilizers. The plant is provided with proper natural nutrition, in a native way through enrichment of the micro-flora surrounding it. This is an extract (concentrated extraction) of vermicompost, which is added in small quantities to water and is used both for watering the roots and for spraying the leaves. All the nutrients contained in the extract are assimilated by the plants at the cellular level, which leads to the acceleration of physiological and biochemical processes, and allows maximum absorption of all useful substances by plants. It consists of: humates, humic acids, fulvic acids, amino acids, macro and micro-elements, living bacteria and other substances.

Extract GROWO treated herbal plants – the germination and inter-growth energy of the seeds increases; stimulates growth, development of plants, flowering, improves rooting; accelerates the formation of buds and flowers; increases the size of flowers, lengthens the stems; increases the tendency to terry; increases the intensity of the color of leaves of trees, flowers; increases the green mass of the leaf; contributes to the formation of the bush; improves the decorative qualities of plants; promotes longer preservation of fresh cut flowers; contributes to anti-stress resistance to environmental conditions and sharp climatic changes; increases immunity and adaptogenic reaction; development of pathogenic micro-flora is inhibited; resistance to diseases increases and most diseases are suppressed; carries a protective function against insect pests.

GROWO has been proven in practice that:

  • in a balanced and easily digestible form has all the necessary nutrients;
  • plants take for food that they need, at a time when it is necessary;
  • provides plants with nutrients throughout the growing season;
  • protects plants from dryness and excessive moisture;
  • helps plants pass through the winter;
  • enriches the soil with nutrients, updates it;
  • increases soil water holding capacity;
  • promotes aeration and improves soil structure, reduces erosion.

GROWO forms the natural micro-flora of the soil with a high-quality habitat. GROWO promotes and increases the ability of plants to absorb nutrients from chemical fertilizers if you use them, which reduces their use by up to 30%, saving money. GROWO is fully compatible with fungicides, pesticides and insecticides, which allows them to be used simultaneously without changing the process.

Liquid extract is intended: soaking seeds before sowing, feeding plants by spraying or watering of fruits, vegetables,  grain and ornamental plants, melons and gourds,. Long storage of cut flowers and extension of the flowering period. With intensive use of the extract, you can grow high-quality and organic purity products, reduce product loss during storage. GROWO is an extremely effective fertilizer with a wide range of applications for all plant crops.


When you are growing succulents and cacti in pots, vermicompost provides plants with a long supply of nutrients that are consumed for a long time. Vermicompost softens the stress of plants when transplanted into larger pots, they do not get sick, they adapt more quickly and begin to bloom. The use of vermicompost allows you to increase the total vegetative mass of indoor plants and increase the number of flowers. Another property of vermicompost, the most important for indoor floriculture, is that flowers begin to smell, which, in principle, is unusual for indoor plants, in the process of selection, they have lost the ability to smell, for attract bees (pollinators in the room actually never happens). The use of vermicompost helps to improve the appearance of plants - they become larger, the leaves acquire a characteristic shade for each species.