The extract or extract in liquid form contains all the useful substances in soluble form that are available in vermicompost. As a result, the plants quickly and efficiently get all the necessary nutrients. In the extract, biologically active substances are in balanced concentrated form. A full complex of humic acids, fulvic acids, organic and amino acids, as well as natural biostimulants, vitamins, macro and microelements, soil-forming bacterial spores and live soil microflora, ensuring rapid growth and development of plants. The effect of vermicompost extract is also associated with the microflora that is released from the surface of the worm body and symbiotic microorganisms that are in its digestive system.
Vermicompost extract is intended for:
  • soaking seeds, seedlings before sowing
  • fertilizing plants by spraying or watering
  • anti-stress treatment during transplantation
  • tillage, fertility restoration
  • long storage of cut flowers

With continuous use of the extract, you can grow high-quality and organic purity and healthy crops, reduce yield losses during storage. When an extract is used, seed germination increases by 1.5-2 times, root formation becomes more powerful, plant growth and development is stimulated. The content of vitamins, sugars, proteins and fiber increases significantly, photosynthesis is accelerated. Immunity is strengthened, diseases are significantly suppressed, the amount of nitrates and heavy metals in plants decreases. Increased resistance to mechanical damage and sudden temperature fluctuations.

Vermicompost extract reduces the ripening period of the crop by 4-10 days. Extends the shelf life of the harvest, increases the yield from 10% to 50%, depending on the crops.


Vermicompost contains a complex of useful substances and can be used for all plant crops. Nutrients are in a balanced chemical composition, synchronous and prolonged action, which serve as a new type of fertilizer to obtain a green crop that can reanimate the soil and reduce anthropogenic impact, especially when making higher doses of mineral fertilizers. Its action does not violate the course of natural processes in the soil, but gently regulates them in the right direction, restoring the ecology of both the soil itself and the crops grown, the microflora is able to restore dead soil, i.e., to ensure all its functions and ability to high fertility.
Vermicompost is intended for:
  • plant nutrition throughout the growing season
  • convert inaccessible substances into available for plants nutrition 
  • increases in soil nutrient content
  • stimulate the growth of soil microflora
  • increase soil water holding capacity
  • reduce the removal of organic matter from the soil
  • improve soil structure and looseness
  • increase soil aeration
  • reduce soil erosion
  • soil resuscitation and recovery from pollution
The positive effect of worms coprolites on root formation enhancement, root biomass accumulation, shortening of ripening periods, increase in crop yields cannot be explained solely by their chemical composition. These effects are associated with the biological activation of all constituents in coprolites, including for easy digestibility by plants. Bacterial contamination is reduced due to the life processes of coprolites in the soil by five times, and the number of pathogenic microorganisms - by 28.5 times. Therefore, this technology should be considered as a biological method of disinfection.