• Shake the bottle well before use.
  • Fill the can in which you will immerse the pot with the required amount of water (free of chlorine, if the water is chlorine, then let it stand for at least 24-48 hours), add the extract.
  • Stir well and lower the orchid pot in the solution.
  • Fill the sprayer with water, add the extract.
  • Stir well and add the required amount of water.
  • When other chemical fertilizers are used, the extract is added last.
  • Use the working solution immediately.

Plant nutrition:

  Operation Treatment  time Dose (extract:water)Application technology
Flowering periodOn the leavesOnce a week1: 150 (0.75% solution) 1
cap on 1.5 liters of water
Spraying leaves
 Immerse the pot in the solution at 0.30 - 2 hours1 time per month1: 150 (0.75% solution)Watering the roots 
Rest of the periodImmerse the pot in the solution at 0.30 - 2 hours1 time in 2 months1: 150 (0.75% solution)Watering the roots
 On the leaves, only if the leaves are sickOnce a week, until recovery1: 150 (0.75% solution)Spraying leaves
Extract GROWO does not lose its properties if used with chemical fertilizers.


  • Provides the plant with food throughout the growing season
  • Stimulates growth, development of plants, flowering
  • Accelerates the formation of buds and flowers
  • Increases the intensity of coloring the flowers
  • Improves rooting
  • Improves the decorative qualities of plants
  • Promotes anti-stress resistance when transplanting
  • Increases immunity and adaptogenic properties
  • Inhibits the development of pathogenic micro-flora
  • Increases resistance to disease and suppresses most diseases
  • Has a protective function against insect pests


  • Observe the recommended doses.
  • Do not spray in strong wind and heat.
  • After application to observe normal hygiene.
  • GROWO stored in the shade at a temperature of + 5°C to + 25°C.
  • GROWO is compatible with all herbal remedies.
  • GROWO is harmless to people and animals, useful soil flora and fauna.


Orchids are in a special substrate, which as the support too, that plants holds for. Therefore, it is better not to use vermicompost, but to use only liquid extract.